What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world′s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Our cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and more don′t require IT experts to set up or manage – simply log in and start connecting to customers in a whole new way.

More than 150,000 companies are blazing trails to success with the world’s #1 CRM platform.

Treat all your customers like they’re your only customer with Salesforce CRM. Understand their needs, solve their problems, and identify opportunities to help by managing their information and interactions with your company on a single platform that’s always accessible from anywhere.

  • Win more customers more easily
  • Keep all your customers happy
  • Find new potential customers
  • Get insight into your customers
  • Run your business from any mobile device
  • See for yourself! Unlock all of the resources Contact us

Sell, service, market, and build apps on a single platform.

Easily log, manage, and analyze all customer activity in one place with our suite of web-based CRM software. Constantly monitor everything from sales leads to support tickets, and from channel marketing to website analytics.

Blaze your trail with the world’s most powerful apps on the Intelligent Customer Success Platform.

Watch demos to see what Salesforce can do.

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